(500) Days of Summer (2009)

Two phrases some up this film: bitches be crazy and actions speak louder than words. Now I’m merely commenting on the film, so anyone saddling up the high-horse, please come back down. If I was a stereotypical lad, lad, lad: one, I would not have even watched this film, and two, I definitely wouldn’t be writing about it. (For those in need of further convincing go to my women’s day post/rant.)

So, the film: it’s a slightly offbeat rom-com and one which I think appeals to guys more than others in the genre. Why? Because it depicts a situation which is probably the most baffling.

Men are (mostly) simple creatures and more or less like things to be as straightforward as they can possibly be. Personally, I have no time for anyone, male or female, who uses the phrase “I don’t want a relationship” as an excuse to then act in a way which suggests that you are actually more of a couple than most you know. Why don’t I like this? Because it makes absolutely no sense. At all. If you want to be in a relationship, act like it (though don’t go overboard), and if you don’t, don’t use someone that you kind of like to get some of the emotional benefit of a relationship, without actually committing. Unless you’re actually in the same boat and let’s face it – in reality this is rarely the case – this is just selfish, pure and simple. There is nothing wrong with being single: so if you don’t want a relationship, just be single. As I said, actions speak louder than words. Act like this and you’re a ****.

This is the main theme tackled in the film, and it does it pretty well. Joseph Gordon-Levit, plays the hapless fool very convincingly and Zooey Deschanel gives an equally impressive performance as the “villain” of the piece. And to be honest, I think this is why some people don’t like it as much as other rom-coms: it’s a bit too close to home, and they get a very real sense of what their actions have done. This is not one to watch for romantic escapism: it’s about how real life relationships can absolutely suck.

I enjoyed this film quite a lot. I liked the skipping backwards and forwards in time, allowing for a very real kind of re-evaluation of feelings; I like that he went to his much younger sister for advice; and that there is no fairytale ending. In fact, the only part of this film I didn’t like was the credit song, I’m not sure what it was, but it was shit.

All in all then, I would recommend most to watch this. It’s probably one of the most real rom-coms there are…

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